“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”


Twilight photography

How would you really like to wow your clients, and (importantly) anyone who might want to buy their home? Twilight photography offers jaw-dropping results!

​I can create the real thing, or I can create them virtually. Either way, the effect is stunning and will certainly lead to more clicks on your listing. Like the two methods of daylight photography, neither is right or wrong; it's all about preference.

​Virtual twilights are created post-capture using the same exterior daytime photographs. The images are darkened appropriately, the lights on the home's exterior and in the windows are “turned on,” and a beautiful sunset sky is added. The advantages to a virtual twilight include framing that is identical to the daytime image; and, since it's virtual, you are guaranteed a perfect sunset; lastly, because an extra session isn't required, virtual twilights are less costly. Most observers cannot tell the difference between the real thing and a virtual twilight.

​But what if you want the real thing? If you never buy a name-brand knock-off, then a real twilight image might just the thing. An extra session is generally required because I have to be at your listing at, well, twilight, but your twilight images will be as real as real can get.

virtual twilights


Includes One Image
DayTIME Images edited to mimic twilight

real twilights


Includes Four Images
SEPARATE Images Created at Sunset

twilight image samples


Virtual Twilight

virtual twilight

Real Twilight

real twilight